The Trigonometer was at the 2016 Entrprenergy Summit

On the 19 of November 2016, The Trigonometer was at the 2016 Entreprenergy Summit.

The Trigonometer was on MTV Lebanon! 

On the 1st of December 2016,we made it on MTV Lebanon; Maurice Matta, the founder of Roghm Kell chi Program, a Program meant to encourage Lebanese entrepreneurs and innovators, invited me for a small interview.

Educational benefits


The device is an educational tool and not a calculator; so, it is not meant to be used as its straight forward usage instructions imply; it has has many features, indeed, which will make the perception of Trigonometry easier and more concrete

The Trigonometer is:
1) Tangible: Finally, you have a Trigonometric circle between your hands, and Trigonometry is no more discrete.

2) Practical: it will save you time; instead of drawing a trigonometric circle, you can simply use the Trigonometer.

3) Interactive: you can easily switch between angles and numbers by simple rotating the Angle Tracking device and tilting the Sin/Cos Calculator.
4) Illustrative: you don’t need to memorize, you just need to try! The device will also guide you to remember is which quadrants the Sine, Cosine and Tangent are positive and where they are negative.
5) Compact: it is comparable in size to the protractor that you are currently using; you can grab it with you hand, and take it whenever you want; it will be your companion.

How to use the device?


Though the device is an educational tool, it could be used to find the trigonometric functions (sin, cos, and tan) of a given angle, as well as the reciprocal trigonometric functions (arcsin, arccos, and arctan) of a given value.

Trigonometer components

The Trigonometer is composed of the following components:

1) A protractor;

2) A Tangent calculator, which is a graduated ruler attached to the protractor, and used to find the tangents of angles.

3) An Angle Tracking device, which is an arm pivotally joined to the center of the protractor, and used to track the angles.

4) A Sin/Cos Calculator, which is a graduated ruler pivotally joined from its center to the Angle Tracking device, and used to find the sinus and cosines of angles.

As a measurement tool, it can be used in many of the application involving trigonometry; however, it is meant to be used mainly in the below applications:
A) Education.
B) Carpentry.


What a Trigonometer is?


The Trigonometer is an educational tool, which reflects the Unit circle in a tangible way; it is meant to help students have a better perception of Trigonometry, through a hands-on learning process.

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